Name Rank Office Phone
(+1 912 47)
Taylor, Sharon Professor of Mathematics (Chair) MP3008 8-5132 taylors
Abell, Martha Professor of Mathematics (COSM Dean) Engineering Building, Room 2141C 8-5111 martha
Aggarwal, Neelam Lecturer of Mathematics MP1012D 8-2375 naggarwal
An, Tuyin Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP2320 8-5335 tan
Barrs, Sharon Instructor of Mathematics MP3024 8-0493 sbarrs
Bell, Debbie Assistant Professor Emerita (Part Time) MP3303 8-5392 debbie
Braselton, James Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP2321 8-1966 jbraselton
Braselton, Lorraine Instructor of Mathematics MP3035 8-5508 loribras
Carden, Stephen Assistant Professor of Statistics MP2042A 8-5842 scarden
Champ, Charles Professor of Statistics MP3308 8-5477 cchamp
Chatterjee, Arpita Assistant Professor of Statistics MP2042B 8-1582 achatterjee
Chen, Zhan Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP3310 8-0856 zchen
Coggins, Anthony Regular Limited Term Instructor MP2035A 8-4730 wcoggins
Coggins, Katelyn Regular Limited Term Instructor MP2035E 8-5401 kcoggins
Dillies, Jimmy Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP3044 8-6997 jdillies
Edwards, Inna Regular Limited Term Instructor MP3033 8-0165 iedwards
Eisenreich, Heidi Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP2310 8-5892 heisenreich
Farmer, Nathan Regular Limited Term Instructor MP2045A 8-0891 nfarmer
Fox, Michael Regular Limited Term Instructor MP1012B 8-1972 mjfox
Gray, Daniel Regular Limited Term Assistant Professor MP1012C 8-1563 dagray
Hebert, Jaimie Professor of Statistics (University President) Marvin Pittman Administration Bldg. 8-5211 president
Hoell, Jackie Lecturer of Statistics MP3047 8-7767 jhoell
Hu, Yi Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP2027 8-4729 yihu
Iacob, Alina Professor of Mathematics MP3325 8-5873 aiacob
Iacob, Emil Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP3328 8-0164 ieiacob
Kersey, Scott Associate Professor of Mathematics MP2308 8-1963 skersey
Lakuriqi, Enka Senior Lecturer of Mathematics MP3045 8-0267 elakuriqi
Lee, Yongki Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP3310 8-5802 yongkilee
Lee, Bridgett Senior Lecturer of Mathematics MP3037 8-1349 bhlee
Lesaja, Goran Professor of Mathematics MP2307 8-0365 goran
Li, Xiezhang Professor of Mathematics MP2309 8-1475 xli
Lin, Yi Associate Professor of Mathematics MP2306 8-0251 yilin
Magnant, Colton Associate Professor of Mathematics MP3034 8-5619 cmagnant
Magnant, Zhuojun Senior Lecturer of Mathematics MP3036 8-1368 zmagnant
Michalski, Greg Lecturer of Mathematics MP3025A 8-1339 gmichals
Mitra, Aditi Regular Limited Term Instructor MP2045 8-8599 amitra
Mueller, Stefan Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP2320 8-0874 smueller
Nasseh, Saeed Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP3322 8-5878 snasseh
Ngai, Sze-man Professor of Mathematics MP3323 8-5839 smngai
Nguyen, Ha Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP3041 8-0893 hnguyen
Oluyede, Broderick Professor of Statistics MP3309 8-5427 boluyede
Piltner, Reinhard Regular Limited Term Assistant Professor MP3038 8-0368 rpiltner
Ransom, Marshall Senior Lecturer of Mathematics MP3025B 8-0364 mransom
Rogers, Wes Regular Limited Term Instructor MP3043 8-5286 gwrogers
Shao, Yuanzhen Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP3041 8-0168 yshao
Sills, Andrew Professor of Mathematics (Leader of Computational Science Group) MP3305 8-5424 asills
Smith, Chasen Lecturer of Mathematics MP2035B 8-4727 csmith
Stapleton, Debbye Assistant Professor Emerita (Part Time) MP3023B 8-0367 dstapleton
Stehr, Eryn Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP2303 8-5706 estehr
Stokolos, Alex Associate Professor of Mathematics MP3326 8-5298 astokolos
Uchida, Masahiko Lecturer of Mathematics MP2035C 8-0166 muchida
Wanduku, Divine Assistant Professor of Statistics MP3042 8-4728 dwanduku
Wang, Hua Professor of Mathematics (GPD, COUR Director) MP2327 8-0366 hwang
Ward, Larie Regular Limited Term Assistant Professor MP1012A 8-7741 lward
Wickramarachchi, Tharanga Assistant Professor of Statistics MP2042C 8-4725 twickramarachchi
Winskie, Amy Regular Limited Term Instructor MP3039 8-5202 awinskie
Wu, Yan Professor of Mathematics (Associate Chair) MP2325 8-1470 yan
Zhao, Chunshan Professor of Mathematics MP2305 8-0088 czhao
Zheng, Shijun Associate Professor of Mathematics MP3306 8-1338 szheng
Zhu, Jiehua Professor of Mathematics MP3327 8-0264 jzhu
Ziegler, Francois Assistant Professor of Mathematics MP2322 8-1969 fziegler
Zou, Yuting Lecturer of Mathematics MP3046 8-5778 yzou
Collins, Nikki Administrative Secretary MP3008 8-5132 nikkicollins
Grodi, Logan IT support MP3023D 8-0265 lgrodi
Hutcheson, Kathy Lab Supervisor MP3048 8-4736 khutcheson
Rempe, Patricia Secretary MP3008 8-5390 prempe


Last updated: 12/12/2017

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