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 Lorenza Beati, PhD, MD
Lorenza Beati, Professor & Curator for the US National Tick Collection

Dr. Beati’s main interests include evolution, phylogeny, phylogeography and population genetics of ticks and other arthropod vectors.  She studies tick diversity based on both morphological and molecular aspects.


 Dmitry Apanaskevich
Dmitry Apanaskevich, Associate Professor & Assistant Curator for the US National Tick Collection

Dr. Apanaskevich received his PhD from the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences in Parasitology/Tick Taxonomy.  His major research interests include taxonomy ofixodid ticks, phylogeny of ixodid ticks, and host-parasite relationships of ixodid ticks.  Other areas of interests/activities are maintaining the US National Tick Collection (USNTC), re-identification of tick specimens already presented in the USNTC with special emphasis to most taxonomically difficult groups of ticks, and identification of newly received tick collections.

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Last updated: 8/21/2019