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A Letter From the Dean
Martha Abell, PhD

Dr. Martha Abell, Dean

Dear Alumni, Students and Friends of the College of Science and Mathematics,

Demand is escalating throughout our region for graduates trained in the disciplines of science and mathematics. Reflecting this need, enrollment in our College has rapidly increased; there are now over 2,000 majors in our fourteen degree programs. In addition to educating our majors, our faculty provides general education in the fields of science and mathematics to every undergraduate student attending Georgia Southern to help them be productive contributors to the new world economy.

To ensure our graduates are prepared to enter the work force or graduate school competitively, our facilities and equipment for instruction and research must be continually upgraded. Our programs are supported by an appropriation from the State, yet annual, capital, and planned gifts are needed to keep our infrastructure modernized in pace with developments in the fields of science and mathematics.

With thanks to contributions and endowments from Alumni, Students and Friends of the College, we have been able to build upon our reputation of producing proficient and dynamic graduates. Now, our College is positioned to be a national leader in the education and engagement of students in basic and applied research during their tenure at Georgia Southern. With your support, we will continue to improve our ability to provide a comprehensive educational and research experience for our students, which is critical to support the growing science and technology-driven economy of our region and nation.

We have identified our priorities for development as Academic Enrichment Projects and Research Enhancement Projects. Your contribution to these areas can profoundly influence the ability of our faculty to conduct cutting-edge research with students and also provide the students with outstanding educational experiences.

Thank you for your consideration and support of the College of Science and Mathematics at Georgia Southern University.

Martha Abell, Dean
College of Science and Mathematics

Research Enrichment Projects
  • Student and Faculty Collaborative Research
  • Faculty Development in Scholarship
  • Equipment Endowments
Academic Enrichment Projects
  • Scholarship and Program Endowments
  • Faculty Development in Teaching and Learning
Ways to Give

If you would like to assist the college with these goals, please contact me directly, Martha Abell, or Give directly to the College or Department of your choice.

Last updated: 8/24/2018