Sea Turtle Conservation, Research and Education.

Welcome to Georgia Southern University’s Sea Turtle Program at St. Catherines Island!

Our sea turtle conservation program has three major components:

  1. Conservation of nesting sea turtles on the Georgia coast
  2. Research into the nesting ecology of Georgia’s sea turtles
  3. Education of both students and teachers in science content and science process skills

Conservation on St. Catherines Island

Surprise daytime emergence of loggerhead hatchlings after cooling morning rain sends emergence signal. Conservation management is proven by the hatch!


Applied research in ecology of loggerhead nesting allows learning as conservation proceeds. This eroded nest on North Beach hatched all but 12 eggs, proving diligence in monitoring pays!


Georgia Southern University students being mentored through assessment of a nest on North Beach. Students buy into hands-on, real world experiential learning!

Georgia Southern student participants in the Sea Turtle Field School summer 2015!


The Georgia Southern University Sea Turtle Program at St. Catherines Island is supported by collaborative funding from the following partners:

  • Georgia Southern University
  • The St. Catherines Island Foundation, Inc.
  • Georgia Department of Natural Resources
  • GeoTrec LLC

The production of this website was directly or indirectly supported by additional funding from Georgia Southern University’s Faculty Service Committee, Faculty Development Committee, and Faculty Research Committee, the Georgia Southern University Department of Geology and Geography, the Governor’s Educational Lottery Trust Fund, the Information Technology Policy Council’s Model Technology Program, The Edward John Noble Foundation administered through the American Museum of Natural History, Bulloch County School System, Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System, The Turner Foundation, and the JST Foundation. All of our funding partners are gratefully acknowledged for making this effort possible.

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