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Outreach Resources

For Teachers

Ecology of Aquaponics (ppt for download) (Google Slides) – This presentation was created by SARC curator Brigette Brinton to use during k-12 field trips to the facility (more information here) or as a brief introduction to aquaponics for collegiate or continuing education courses. It contains a link to a 5-question Kahoot quiz at the end, and includes slides that are intended to be used with the DIY Aquaponics and Ecology of Aquaponics handouts. Please feel free to use these resources, and contact SARC with any questions or feedback!

The Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC) has two publications on creating small-scale aquaponics systems that could potentially be used in a classroom. These are fairly extensive, functional systems. SRAC 5010, SRAC 4501

Display systems can be a small scale method of showing students about aquaponics. SARC has a very simple 55-gallon display system in the Science Center building, with these posted as placards so that any students who come by can learn about the system. Look through the images below or download a pdf if you would like a text version.

Tilapia fish produce ammonia
beneficial bacteria transform ammonia into nitrite and nitrate
waterweeds and other plants absorb the nitrate, cleaning the water

For More Information

The Southern Regional Aquaculture Center and Northern Regional Aquaculture Center (NRAC) both have many reliable resources about aquaculture and aquaponics.

Texas A&M AgriLife has compiled lists of aquaculture and aquaponics resources from several locations, including SRAC and University of Florida. Their page on diseases is particularly extensive.

Upstart University and Bright Agritech have good aquaponics video series and posted information. Some of their resources are not free, others are not. Student Resource Page

The Aquaponics Source is a good general purpose resource and is a company that can assist with designing your system.

Email us if you’re a local teacher or grower and need more information or help troubleshooting!

Last updated: 6/7/2021