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Field Trips

All SARC field trips include a classroom session where the students learn the basics of aquaponics, then move out to the SARC greenhouse for the full experience. They’ll get to see our aquaculture & hydroponics systems, meet the fish, and see first-hand the effects a recirculating system has on water retention! Field trips can also include lunch at the Armstrong Campus Galley, a short campus tour, and a tour of the Biology Department greenhouse.

  • Weekday fieldtrips are $5 per student (no lunch) $13 (with lunch)
  • Weekend fieldtrips are $10 per student (no lunch) $18 (with lunch)

Contact the Director or Curator if you would like to discuss a field trip for your group!


Can you grow floating food with fish poop? We do! Students will learn about the integrated agricultural ecosystem that is aquaponics via a short lecture & activity. They’ll finish up by touring our 7,000+ gallon research system in the greenhouse, including ~8 lb tilapia! 

Generalized Agenda: Field Trip for [Your School Here!]

  • Tour biology greenhouse
    (Biology department specimens and botany research)
  • Intro to aquaponics
    (Lecture and activity about aquaponics)
  • Tour SARC aquaponics facility
    (See and learn about our replicated 7,000+ gallon research system in the greenhouse, including renovations that are underway)
  • Tour of Armstrong Campus
    (See highlights on campus, including the International Garden and species of interest in the campus arboretum)


Shoes appropriate for walking on coarse gravel in a greenhouse and on the tour around campus.

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Potential Learning Outcomes from SARC Field Trips


  • What is aquaculture? Hydroponics? A biofilter?
  • How does a greenhouse work?
  • Where does our food come from?
  • What is sustainable agriculture?
  • What is a food desert?
  • What can be grown using aquaponics?
  • Why is aquaponics more sustainable?
  • How is aquaponics an ecosystem?
  • What is replication using independent systems?
  • How do scientists monitoring environmental and water quality parameters?


  • What is hydroponics?
  • How do you care for plants in a greenhouse?
  • What is a pest? A pathogen? Integrated pest management?
  • What is biomass?
  • How do farmers plant seeds for growing in water?
  • When are various vegetables in season?
  • What nutritional deficiencies can plants have?
  • How do you fertilize in hydroponics/aquaponics?


  • What is aquaculture?
  • How does a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) work?
  • How do you properly care for fish? What is fish husbandry?
  • What water quality are needed for various fish
  • How do you tell when a fish is sick?
  • Can you raise fish eggs/fry?
  • What is the purpose of including the fish?

Last updated: 6/7/2021