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Aquaponics Facilities

The SARC Facility

The SARC greenhouse is a state-of-the-art system designed to research the economic and biological sustainability of aquaponics systems. SARC has four independent recirculating systems, each containing 900 gallon tanks capable of holding over 100 mature tilapia (1-2 lbs/each) and 224 square foot runways for growing plants. This proprietary system was uniquely built to conduct controlled scientific research. This allows the center to develop targeted experiments with the goal of improving the economic viability of large-scale aquaponics as a means of sustainable food growth requiring less resources and space.

Fish are raised, bred, harvested and sold. Waste water from fish tank is collected and concentrated to fertilize plants. Plants grown entirely in water grow faster, absorbing nutrients from fish waste while cleaning the water. Plants are harvested and sold. Water cleaned by plants recirculates back to fish tank.
SARC has 4 replicates of this system, allowing great control and flexibility for research. The construction used in most aquaponics systems today was developed by Dr. James Rakocy in the 1970’s.


The facility is currently undergoing systemic renovations to improve the structure and nutrient flow through each system, based on data collected over the past 2 years. For more information contact us!

  • Streamlining the structure of the aquaculture tank and biofilter
  • Upgraded clarifier and particulate filtration
  • Rebuilding the hydroponics beds with fiberglass
  • Improving water and air flow throughout the hydroponics system
  • Painting rafts for improved photosynthesis and disease management
  • Upgraded stainless steel harvesting table
particulate filter Rafts New Bed Tank

Hydroponically Grown Plants

Armstrong Heirloom Sweet Basil GreenOnion_wBasil DSC_8935 DSC_0408 DSC_0393 DSC_0371 DSC_0360 7PotHotSauce Gourmet Blend Tropicana Lettuce

Tilapia Aquaculture

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Last updated: 6/7/2021