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About SARC

Large transparent greenhouse
SARC Greenhouse on Arts Drive


Our Mission: To conduct cutting-edge research, and to develop technologies and best practices that improve the sustainability and profitability of soilless farming techniques.

SARC is the aquaponics research center on Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong Campus. More details on the facility are available here. Our primary facility is the large greenhouse located beside Arts Drive, in the field near the parking lot. Our lab is located in Science Center room 1101. Visitors should check in with the Parking and Card Services office on the corner of Science Drive. A marked map of campus can be found here.

Visiting SARC

All of our personnel are currently based on the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University. Contact us directly if you have questions or would like to discuss a tour or fieldtrip to our facility!

Brent Feske, Director

Director, Brent Feske
Director, Brent Feske

A Chemist by trade, Dr. Feske graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2000 with a B.S. in Chemistry and University of Florida with his PhD in Chemistry in 2005. Dr. Feske is a Professor of Chemistry and has administrative experience as the Interim Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs. Dr. Feske currently serves as the Associate Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics and is Director of SARC. As Director, he oversees the SARC team, handles the budget, and works with the community and business partners to develop relationships.

Heather Joesting, Senior Scientist

Heather Joesting
Senior Scientist,
Heather Joesting

Dr. Joesting graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a B.S. in Environmental Science in 2001. After which, she pursued training as a plant ecologist with a Environmental and Plant Biology from Ohio University in 2005 and a PhD in Biology from Wake Forest University in 2011. She was introduced to aquaponics during her post-doctoral research, where her work focused on the growth of coastal salt marsh plants for restoration in the plant loop of a marine aquaponics system. Dr. Joesting is currently an Assistant Professor of Biology as well as the Senior Scientist at SARC, where her duties include coordinating research within SARC, working with undergraduate research students on SARC-related projects, seeking and applying for external funding, and participation in educational outreach events.

Brigette Brinton, Curator

Brigette Brinton, Curator
Brigette Brinton

An ecologist by trade, Ms. Brinton graduated from Dartmouth College in 2008 (B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Savannah State University in 2014 (M.S. in Marine Science). Ecologists are always considering the connectivity and sustainability of the system, which essential for any study of aquaponics. Her research interests center around animal behavior and parasitology, with a focus on crustaceans, fish, and corvids (e.g. crows). As curator, Ms. Brinton is responsible for coordinating interns, volunteers, and research students to accomplish all of the maintenance, monitoring, and repair of the laboratory and greenhouse systems for SARC.

Last updated: 4/3/2022