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Working Group to Address Food Deserts Through Urban Agriculture

Here’s a great aquaponics/urban food opportunity from Savannah State University! The opening kickoff meeting was postponed to 11 April 2021, 2:00-5:00 p.m. and it will be at the SSU Marine Science Center 2717 Livingston Avenue.  These are in-person outdoor events where you can dive deep into aquaponics and meet with local experts.

Register here!

 Anticipated Meeting Schedule

Scheduled DateTimesTopic
Sun,  11 April2-5 p.m.Kick-Off: Meet-n-Greet the Team of Stakeholders
Sun,  11 Apr2-5 p.m.ModernAquaponics Production
Sun,  18 Apr2-5 p.m.The Urban Agriculture Movement
Sun,  2 May2-5 p.m.Aquaponics &Urban Food Deserts
Sun,  16May2-5 p.m.The Science of Aquaponics
Sun, 23 May/ 6 Jun2-5 p.m.The Urban Farm Business
Sun, 6 Jun/TBA2-5 p.m.Urban Land Availability, Access, and Security

Note: All of these events are in person, with online streaming via Zoom! As we move forward, there will be Zoom connection information that will be shared before each meeting and we will aim to keep it as the same information each time. Please register for updates!
Zoom Meeting ID: 837 8087 6677
Passcode: GrowSSU


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