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Green to Gold


The Green to Gold program offers enlisted Soldiers the opportunity to earn their degree and commission as an Officer. The GoArmy site outlines the types of Green to Gold entry options and deadlines.

Green to Gold 2, 3, and 4YR Scholarship
Green to Gold 2, 3, and 4YR Hip Pocket Scholarship
Green to Gold Non-Scholarship
Green to Gold Active Duty Option

Step 1Soldier/NCO gains Chain of Command (CoC) support
Step 2Applicant applies for admission to College/University
Step 3University notifies applicant of acceptance
Step 4University notifies applicant how many hours will transfer
Step 5Applicant contacts Mr. Keenan Gamble (Scholarship & Enrollment Officer), along with CoC, and begins the G2G Application Process
Step 6Applicant submits packet NLT 23 Nov 19
Step 7Board meets Dec/Jan to select ADOs and G2G Scholarships for Phase 1
Step 8Waivers are reviewed
Step 9Applicant, with CoC and University ROTC program’s assistance, completes application

Last updated: 5/24/2021