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Watch Our Faculty Teaching and in the Field

Connections (rivers and reefs)

Georgia Southern University Biology Professors Daniel Gleason, PhD and Risa Cohen, PhD team up with Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary and the Georgia DNR to track the dispersal of materials from the Altamaha River in the Atlantic Ocean.

Georgia Southern University Forensic Entomology Workshop

Investigators learn how to assess a death scene, collect entomological evidence and examine insects during a workshop with with Georgia Southern University Entomologist Ed Mondor, PhD

Star Coral Spawning Orbicella faveolata La Bocana Chica Reef, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Georgia Southern University Biology Professor and Director of the James H. Oliver, Jr., Institute for Coastal Plain Science, Daniel Gleason, PhD is helping to collect coral spawn on La Bocana Chica Reef in Puerto Morelos, Mexico on August 27, 2013. After striking out 3 nights in a row, the corals finally cooperated; the time window for spawning is only 3-4 nights. Ania Banaszak, a marine scientist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Institute of Marine Science and Limnology, Reef Systems Academic Unit at Puerto Morelos, organized this endeavor and led the group of scientist conducting this research. Many thanks to Paul Selvaggio from the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium for producing this video.

Last updated: 3/5/2022