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VIP Teams

I) “Botanical Garden Communities” led by VIP mentor Dr. G. Denise Carroll

Statesboro Botanical Garden
Students will investigate aquatic and terrestrial communities at the garden to determine organismal composition in each habitat. Their investigations can help to determine how to conserve or increase diversity.

II) “Mentoring Adults as Teachers to Help Students (MATHS)” led by VIP mentor Dr. Heidi Eisenreich

Mentoring Adults as Teachers to Help Students
Impacting PK-6 students by helping adults understand mathematical concepts. Building a community of math learners

III) “Education for All” led by VIP mentor Dr. Karin Fisher

Education for All
Conduct research that impacts marginalized students including students with disabilities by expanding teachers’ and professors’ pedagogy to address the various needs of all learners.

IV) “Sustainable Aquatic Systems” led by VIP mentors Dr. Anthony Siccardi; Dr. Heather Joesting; Ms. Brigette Brinton

Sustainable Aquatic Systems
Managing water utilization is a growing concern for many US states.  Our team’s research is focused on water sustainability through projects involving aquaponics/hydroponics, recirculating aquaculture systems, algal turf scrubbers and constructed wetlands.

V) “BIG-IDEAS” led by VIP Mentor Ms. Suzanne S. Hallman

Business Innovation Group (BIG) created the Innovate workshop to give community members the tools and resources they need to THINK BIGger.

Additional Resources to Join in Future – VIP Teams

First Year Experience – Introduction to Research VIP (FYE – VIP)” led by Prof. Jessica Orvis and Dr. Shainaz Landge

Introducing Freshmen students in authentic research experiences and to explore the creative projects in different VIP teams so that scholars in the following semester are ready to join the research team!

Last updated: 4/22/2022