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Centers & Partnerships


James H. Oliver, Jr., Institute for Coastal Plain Sciences

The James H. Oliver, Jr., Institute for Coastal Plain Sciences facilitates interdisciplinary research and education toward understanding the physical and biological resources occurring below the fall line and their sustainable use and management. Faculty affiliated with the institute five different departments representing three colleges on campus.  Interests range from marine biology to the sustainable use of water.  For more information on the institute, please visit:

Center for Sustainability

The Center for Sustainability hosts seminars, events such as “No Impact Week” and “Greenweek”, and oversees the sustainability curriculum at Georgia Southern University.  The center works with our community, corporations and businesses on sustainable practices.  For more information on the center or to schedule a consultation on sustainable practices, please visit:


The Interdisciplinary STEM Institute was founded through the collaborative efforts of COSM, COE and CEIT.  The institute researches excellence in K-20 STEM education, with particular focus on challenges presented by this particular region.  For more information on the institute, please visit:



The partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency that was formulized in 2012 is focused on supporting the University’s efforts to become the flagship model of an academic institution that is environmentally sustainable in its campus infrastructure, its environmental policy, its engineering, science and public health curriculum and its community outreach.  For more information please contact Dr. Lance McBrayer,

Hollings Marine Laboratory

The partnership with the Hollings Marine Laboratory has been established to enhance research, teaching, outreach, career development, and stewardship, and leverage resources in environmental sciences and public health.  Of specific interest to this partnership is:

  • The improvement of the environment and resources in the Coastal Plains of South Carolina and Georgia, supporting and collaborating with the newly created Georgia Southern University Institute of Coastal Plain Sciences.
  • An understanding of local environmental pollution causes and effects.
  • Research causes for water contamination, its impact on public health and potential solutions
  • Research for discovery and innovations relevant to understanding and mitigating environmental health issues for improvement of communities.
  • Opportunities for research experiences for both undergraduate and graduate students in the area of environmental research.

Other Partnerships

Our faculty have numerous other research collaborations with universities and research institutions, such as the University of Manitoba and the Technical University Freiburg, Germany. We maintain active partnerships with the regional public school systems via diverse sets of programs.

Last updated: 7/27/2021