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Research Resources

Funding Sources

COSM Research Grant

The College of Science and Mathematics Award Committee entertains requests from faculty and graduate students for small internal grants for any activity and/or purchase that supports research efforts.

University-Wide Funding Sources

Educational Leave

A program that provides for educational leaves (sabbaticals) for faculty professional development. Leaves may be for a semester or full year. Leaves may be undertaken for enhancement of: classroom teaching, academic service to students, and/or research/service/scholarly artistic activity.

Faculty Development Awards

Awards of $3000 (salary, purchase, or reimbursement) each will allow faculty members to upgrade skills in the discipline, to develop innovative teaching strategies, to devise new courses/significantly revise existing ones, to plan curriculum changes, or to pursue other creative projects that impact the instructional process. The award may be used to cover travel reimbursement.

Faculty Research Grants

These are small grants that provide funds for supplies, travel, publication assistance, student assistance, and other items essential to the proposed research.

Development Opportunities in Teaching and Learning

External resources for professional development in teaching and learning.

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Last updated: 7/27/2021