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Educational Resources

Educational Resources
Description Website
NASA Night Sky Network
NASA for Educators
NASA Student Programs (Higher Ed)
The Space Place (Elementary-Adults)
Starchild (Elementary and Middle School)
 NASA Kids Club
 Imagine the Universe (age 14 and up)
NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge (High School & College Participation)
Astronomy Picture of the Day
SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Science @ NASA
JPL Solar System Ambassador Program
Deep Space Network
International Space Station
Goddard Space Flight Center Education Programs
The Cosmic Distance Scale
Astronomy Education Resources ASP

What is in the Sky Tonight?
What is in the Sky Tonight? Website
Star Gazers (Weekly Episodes)
Sky Maps
Sky and Telescope Magazine, Sky at a Glance
Astronomy Magazine
International Space Station
Satellite Visibility (Shuttle, ISS, HST) Sky Maps, Constellations, etc.
Spot the Station (NASA will send an alert when the International Space Station is passing over your area!)

Description Website
What type of telescope should I get?
Eyes on the Solar System
Hard Labor Creek Observatory
Space Telescope Science Institute (Hubble Space Telescope)
James Webb Space Telescope
Additional, James Webb Space Telescope
Chandra X-Ray Observatory
Spitzer Space Telescope
Spitzer Space Telescope (Infrared)
Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE)

Solar System
Solar System Description Website
Earth JASON (Ocean surface topography from space)

Moon Exploring the Moon Teacher’s Guide
Missions into the Solar System JPL Missions
Missions into the Solar System Spacecraft Paper Models
Comets Rosetta
Asteroids Near Earth Objects
Asteroids Asteroid Watch
Asteroids DAWN (Mission to Asteroids Vesta and Ceres)
Asteroids NEAR-Shoemaker (Mission to Asteroid Eros)
Asteroids NEAR-Shoemaker Spacecraft Paper Model
Mercury MESSENGER (Mission to orbit Mercury, March 2004)
Mars Mars Mission
Mars Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity Rover)
Mars Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (2005)
Mars Mars Global Surveyor
Mars 2001 Mars Odyssey
Jupiter Juno
Jupiter Juno
Jupiter Galileo (Mission to Jupiter and its moons)
Saturn Cassini-Huygens (Mission to Saturn and Titan)
Pluto Pluto-Kuiper Express New Horizons (Mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, 2006)
Sun Space Weather
Sun More Space Weather
Sun Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)
Sun Stereo
Sun SOHO (Mission studying the sun)
Sun Heliophysics
Exoplanets or Extrasolar Planets (Planets orbiting other stars outside our solar system in the Milky Way) Planet Quest
Exoplanets or Extrasolar Planets (Planets orbiting other stars outside our solar system in the Milky Way) KEPLER (Mission to look for terrestrial extrasolar planets, 2006)
Exoplanets or Extrasolar Planets (Planets orbiting other stars outside our solar system in the Milky Way) Planet Hunters (you can participate in finding exoplanets using the Kepler star light graphs!)
Galaxies Galex (Galaxy Evolution Explorer)
Planetaria Worldwide Planetarium Database
Planetaria Southeastern Planetarium Association list of regional planetaria
Planetaria Georgia Southern University Planetarium (Statesboro, GA)
Astronomy Club Astronomy Clubs in America
Astronomy Club Statesboro Astronomy Club
Astronomy Club Sky and Telescope
Astronomy Club Oglethorpe Astronomical Association
Calendars Space Place Calendar

Last updated: 4/20/2022