Physics in Romania: Science and Culture


Experience the history, culture, burgeoning scientific and political influence of the country of Romania!

Join Dr. Dragos Amarie on a 5-week excursion in the country of Romania to become acquainted with the increasing influence and importance of this Eastern European state.  Learn about the country through cultural excursions, while exploring the field of physics.

Nature and Purpose of the Program:
Romania’s strong folkloric traditions and attachment to the natural environment makes studying the natural sciences a uniquely rewarding experience. This program allows students to explore the field of physics in an experiential setting, and trips throughout the host city and country will allow students to study physics in a laboratory setting, as well as its use in daily life.

The trip will be based in Craiova, Romania’s 6th largest city located in the southwestern part of the country, and in the heart of the Balkan peninsula.  Living and studying in Craiova provides ample opportunity to study the major historical, political, religious, architectural, and scientific developments of Romania and understand how this convergence of cultures and traditions are making the country a technologically and strategically important state.  Romania has produced an extraordinary number of scientists and engineers whose work has positively impacted the lives of millions around the world.  Study and hone your knowledge of the principles of physics by learning with the guidance of Dr. Amarie with the help of our hosts at the University of Craiova.

Excursions and Activities:

  • Excursion to the regions of Oltenia, Wallachia, and Transylvania
  • Explore physics in daily life with trips to Ford Romania, Cummins Generator Technologies, Lotru-Ciunget Hydropower plant, Ocnele Mari Salt Mines, etc.
  • Day trip to the Hateg Bison Reserve
  • Visits to several history and art museums and historic places and monasteries, such as Dracula’s Castle, Peles Castle, Cozia Monastery or Corvin Castle
  • And much more!

Dates of Program:
June 15– July 19, 2018 (Summer Term B)

Course Options:
Students have the opportunity to earn and must be enrolled in at least 3 credit hours.  Students will be able to select from the following options:
A) PHYS 2212s – Principles of Physics II (4) & PHYS 3520s – Solving Problems in Physics (2)
*Requires completion of PHYS 2211 with a grade of “C” or better
B) ASTR 1000s – Introduction to the Universe (3)
C) PHYS 5890s – Physics Research Experience (3)
*Requires completion of PHYS 2212 with a grade of “C” or better

For complete list of payments visit: Physics in Romania 

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