Dr. Maxim Durach

max_durach_photo resizeDr. Maxim Durach
Assistant Professor
B.S. Physics, St.-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, 2004
M.S. Condensed Matter Physics, St.-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, 2006
M.S. Physics, Georgia State University, 2008
Ph.D. Physics, Georgia State University, 2010

Office: Math-Physics, Room 1008
Phone: (912) 478-0575




My research group is working in the field of theoretical and computational physics for applications in nanotechnology. My research interests are in the fields of photonics, metamaterials, plasmonics and optoelectronics. My main work is related to the introduction and description of quartic metamaterials, plasmon drag effect, absorption of linear momentum and spin angular momentum of light and plasmons by matter, discrepancy between the Lorentz and Einstein-Laub forces, plasmonic spin and pressure forces, photonic integrals (linear and angular momenta of electromagnetic fields in metamaterials), continuous sine-wave and discontinuous nanorod plasmonic metasurfaces, nanorod metasurfaces that act as an ultimately thin sub-100 nm wave plates, optical neutrality (invisibility) as phase transition between metal-like and dielectric-like metamaterials, metasurface Tamm plasmons and hyperbolic metasurface cavities.


The full list of my publications can be found on google.scholar here

Selected publications:
• M. Durach, N. Noginova, book chapter “Plasmon Drag Effect. Theory and Experiment” in “Anisotropic and Shape-Selective Nanomaterials: Structure-Property Relationships” (Springer, 2017)
•    D. Keene, M. LePain, M. Durach, “Ultimately thin metasurface wave plates”, Annalen der Physik, 528(11-12), p. 767 (2016) — Selected for the cover of December 2016 issue of Annalen der Physik
•    T. Mulkey, J. Dillies, M. Durach, “The Inverse Problem of Quartic Photonics”, arXiv:1712.06053, Accepted to Optics Letters (2018);
•    R. Hodges, C. Dean, M. Durach, “Optical neutrality: invisibility without cloaking” Optics Letters, 42, 691-694 (2017)
•    M. Durach, N. Noginova. “Spin angular momentum transfer and plasmogalvanic phenomena”, Physical Review B 96(19), 195411 (2017)
•    M. Durach, N. Noginova, “On the nature of the plasmon drag effect”, Physical Review B (Rapid Communication), 93(16), 161406 (2016)
•    D. Keene, M. Durach, “Hyperbolic Resonances of Metasurface Cavities”, Optics Express 23, pp. 18577-18588 (2015).
•    R. Hussain, D. Keene, N. Noginova, M. Durach, “Spontaneous emission of electric and magnetic dipoles in the vicinity of thin and thick metal”, Optics Express 22, pp. 7744-7755 (2014).
•    M. Durach, A. Rusina, “Transforming Fabry-Perot Resonances into a Tamm mode”, Physical Review B 86, pp. 235312-1-6 (2012)
•    M. Durach, A. Rusina, M. Kling, M. Stockman, “Metallization of Nanofilms in Strong Adiabatic Electric Fields”, Physics Review Letters 105, 086803-1-4 (2010)
•    M. Durach, A. Rusina, M. Stockman, “Giant surface-plasmon-induced drag effect in metal nanowires” Physical Review Letters, 103(18), 186801 (2009)
•    M. Durach, A. Rusina, V. Klimov, M. Stockman, “Nanoplasmonic Renormalization and Enhancement of Coulomb Interactions”, New Journal of Physics 10, pp. 105011-1-14 (2008)
•    M. Durach, A. Rusina, M. Stockman, K. Nelson, “Toward Full Spatiotemporal Control on the Nanoscale”, Nano Letters 7, pp. 3145-3149 (2007)


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