Colloquium Schedule

Department of Physics Colloquium Schedule

 Colloquium is held in the Math/Physics Building, Room 3001 from 12:30 P.M. to 1:30 P.M.


Department of Physics Colloquium Schedule – Spring 2019

Department of Physics Colloquium Schedule – Spring 2019


Date  Speaker  Affiliation  Title
1/21/2019 NA NA NA
1/28/2019 Dr. Clayton Heller GSU Physics Cepheid’s and the Scale of the Universe
2/4/2019 Dr. Kelly Patton School of Science and Technology Georgia Gwinnett College Exotic superfluid phases in ultracold atomic gases: The search for FFLO
2/11/2019 Dr. Amanda Moffet Department of Physics and Astronomy Vanderbilt University Probing Fundamental Physics with Galaxy Surveys
2/18/2019 Dr. Mark Edwards GSU Physics Measuring big G on the International Space Station
2/25/2019  Dr. Cleon Dean GSU Physics
3/4/2019 Dr. Marsall Ming GSU Chemistry and Biochemistry
3/11/2019 Dr. Lauren Barbeau GSU Center for Teaching Excellence
3/25/2019 Dr. Jeffery Secrest GSU Physics
4/8/2019 Dr. Yaping Li GSU Physics
4/15/2019 Dr. Jason Liu GSU Physics
4/22/2019 Mr. Benjamin Eller GSU Physics










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