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Colloquium Schedule

Department of Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Schedule

 Colloquiums are held in the Math/Physics Building, Room 3001 from 12:30 P.M. to 1:30 P.M.

DateSpeakerAffiliationTitleZoom Link and Password
8/30Clayton Heller Georgia Southern University Bars as internal drivers of galaxy evolutionClick Here
Passcode: uy7WGBR!
9/13Jianming WenKennesaw State UniversityEProbing non-Hermitian Physics with Parity-Time Symmetry– from linear optics to nonlinear optics & from photonics to atomsClick Here
Passcode: EXg2Um@=
9/20Mohamed AbdeenGeorgia Southern UniversityTesting Spiral Density-wave Theory in Disk Galaxies using Multi-wavelength Image Data, Star Formation History Maps and Spatially Resolved Stellar ClustersClick Here
Passcode: l6B%+6At
9/27 Kelly PattonGeorgia Southern UniversitySpin-polaron Fermi liquids and their possible superfluid transitionsClick Here
Passcode: U1c4p.Dg
10/4 Bill Baird Georgia Southern University Field Programmable Gate Arrays and Synchronized Data CollectionClick Here
Passcode: 3Yq=6tet
10/11Sampath GamageUniversity of GeorgiaNanoscale Spectroscopy and Imaging of different types of materialsClick Here
Passcode: 8qMb3@gH
10/18Jeffery HerfindalOak Ridge National LaboratoryCooling plasma with ice — a controlled method to quickly dissipate stored
energy in a fusion plasma
Click Here
Passcode: L5Q?#fGu
10/25Dr. Nicolas DouguetKennesaw State University Multiphoton ionization of atoms and molecules using ultrashort and intense laser pulses
Click Here
11/1Rishi PanditGeorgia Southern University
11/8Kania Greer and Ryan Groom Georgia Southern University
11/15Advanced lab student presentations  Georgia Southern University
11/29Advanced lab student presentations  Georgia Southern University

Last updated: 10/21/2021