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Student Linux Server

The Department of Physics and Astronomy are proud to host a server for Physics Majors and Minors to learn and practice coding.

If you are interested in using the server to practice coding or use coding for an assigned class please fill out the form below. Once submitted we will process your application and if approved we will send your credentials.

Access to the server is issued on a semester to semester basis for all non majors. If you are a major you will have access until your graduation.

Please be logged into your Georgia Southern Email to use the Google form below.

Once you have been approved for access to the server you will be emailed your username and temporary password and the IP address to access your account.

Note: You will only be able to access the server if you are on Georgia Southern’s campus and logged into the university’s internet.

You will need to download Putty to remotely access the server.

Download the latest Putty: Click Here

Download Xming: Click Here

Once you have installed Putty see the below pdf to set up putty for easy access, and to change the temporary password.

Putty Setup

Last updated: 3/9/2022