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In the Nanotechnology Computational Lab: from left to right – Emile Maroha, Dr. Maxim Durach, Matthew LePain, and David Keene.

The COSM Physics Department Nanotechnology Group, led by Professor Maxim Durach, conducted research of plasmonic drag effects in metals with nanostructured surfaces. They established that the two known mechanisms of plasmonic drag are important in different power regimes and are currently investigating in detail the weak-power plasmonic pressure mechanism.  They have also been investigating optical properties of metal metasurfaces and discovered new hyperbolic resonances of those metasurfaces and metasurface cavities with unique polarization and power-distribution properties and anisotropic dispersion.

These results have been published in a number of peer reviewed journals and presented at several conferences, including the Frontiers in Optics Conference by major David Keene and the Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference by major Matthew Lepain.

To fund this research a grant titled “Collaborative Research: Coupling of Plasmonic and Electric Effects in Nanostructured Metal” has been submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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