Georgia Southern Physics team attends Math and Science Night

science nightIn November, May Howard Elementary School, located in Savannah, hosted their Annual Math and Science Night event. Volunteers from all over brought demonstrations, activities, and crafts for the five hundred students that attend, with a common goal of inspiring the creative side of the students. A team from the Physics Department at Georgia Southern brought innovative and intriguing demonstrations to the event; the main demonstration was making liquid nitrogen ice cream with the students. The team from Georgia Southern explained to the students physics concepts while assuring parents of their children’s safety; that the liquid nitrogen would be evaporated by the time the students would enjoy their creation due to an energy transfer. Overall, the event was a huge success and we look forward to going back again next year. Special thanks to the student volunteers: William LePain, Gil Salazar, and Gabriel Sisson. The volunteers were coordinated by Physics Instructor, Ms. Ashley August.

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