Physics Internships

Physics Internships

  • Helen Edwards Summer Internship – The Helen Edwards Summer Internship program is a 10-week opportunity for students majoring in physics and engineering at universities in Europe. Interns work with Fermilab scientists and engineers at the frontier of scientific research in physics and particle accelerator technology.
  • University of Rochester REU – Over the summer research period, participants attend a series of informal seminars covering research and related topics, such as preparing for graduate school. These seminars are intended to foster discussion among REU students and faculty. The core research experience takes place in the context of research groups working at the University’s research facilities. At the end of the program students present their work at an informal symposium. They are encouraged to work with their research advisors toward completion of publications, submission of abstracts, and presentations of their work at professional and student conferences. Funding may also be provided in the following academic year to allow students to complete scientific articles on their research and/or support their attendance and presentations at conferences. University of Rochester participants are required to present their results at the local RSPS and URE undergraduate research conferences in the spring.

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