Faculty Mentors

College of Arts & Humanities
Department of History
Dr. Julie de Chantal African American History, Intellectual history, Women’s history
Dr. Lindsey Chappell Nineteenth-Century British Literature College of Behavioral & Social Sciences
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Dr. Nathan Palmer Explaining social inequality, educational inequality, skill acquisition and mastery
School of Human Ecology
Dr. Trent Maurer Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), student study strategies, successive relearning, spaced practice, retrieval practice
Dr. Alicia Brunson Improving Black student retention and graduation rates; Biracial identity in a post-Obama era; Racial Ideologies among Millenial and Gen-Zers
Dr. Michael Neilson Women serving in leadership positions in socially conservative religions and the impact of socially conservative policies on LGBT members of that religion. Projects use both quantitative and qualitative methods, which offers the potential to work with different types of social science data.
Dr. Thresa Yancy An examination of group treatment for children with externalizing behaviors; adults’ perceptions of children who have experienced child sexual abuse; perceptions of individuals from the LGBTQ+ community; racial differences in ethnic identity and satisfaction with personal appearance; impact of race on perceptions of people engaging in criminal behaviors; and the impact of trauma on short-term memory functioning.

College of Engineering & Computing
Department of Computer Science
Dr. Weitian Tong Refining the current mobile transparent computing framework to reduce users’ waiting time and protect users’ query privacy; Formulating Crime Scene Detection/Documentation by DCNN-based Multi-label Image Tagging
Department of Electrical Engineering
Dr. Rocio Alba-Flores Robotics, intelligent control, control using EMG signals, control using EEG signals, animatronis
Dr. HongJun Su Smart home/campus/city, integrated personal healthcare monitoring system, design of innovative internet of things (IoT) applications, challenges in security and communication aspect of IoT
Department of Information Techonology
Dr. Hayden Wimmer Cyber security, Digital Forensics, Data Science, Cloud Computing

College of Science & Mathematics
Department of Biology
Dr. John Carroll Restoration Ecology; Investigating the effects of groundwater discharge on economically important shellfish
Dr. Checo Colon-Gaud Understanding factors that shape aquatic communities and how aquatic consumers interact with their environment and with each other to influence ecosystem processes
Dr. Sophie George Understanding how climate change affects aquatic organisms
Dr. Emily Kane Bringing together approaches from physiology, biomechanics, ecology, and evolution to understand how animals interact with and survive in their environments
Dr. John Schenk Understanding species diversification and evolutionary history, and testing ideas of morphological diversification
Dr. Dongyu Jai Drosophila (fruit fly) cancer models for therapeutic screens and precision medicine.
Dr. Vinoth Sittaramane Designing a new & powerful form of cancer therapy using Carbon Nanotubes; Understanding Embryonic Learning in Cuttlefish
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Dr. Karelle Aiken Designing novel organic-based sensors for anions and toxic heavy metals; Developing environment-friendly organic synthetic procedures
Dr. Wrolanyo “Eric” Gato Applying toxicogenomics and proteomics techniques to examine exposure to environmental contaminants, particularly in relation to the onset of Diabetes
Dr. Shainaz Landge Developing electonics-free, molecular-based sensors for sugar detection for the management of Diabetes
Dr. W. Marshall Ming Designing smart multifunctional coatings for super-repellent/ antimicrobial/ antifouling/ antifogging surfaces, and early corrosion detection and prevention; Developing self-healing materials
Dr. Brandon Quillian Catalysis, Dyes, Heavy metal remediation, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Polymers, Synthesis.
Dr. Ria Ramoutar Investigating the potency of novel, pro-drug compounds against prostate cancer
Dr. Ji Wu Developing highly efficient, programmable drug delivery systems; Designing advanced nanomaterials for high capacity lithium ion batteries
Department of Geology & Geography
Dr. Jacque Kelly Synergistic research that is focused on answering ecological and climatological questions; Locating and quantifying natural groundwater discharge to coastal areas
Dr. John Van Stan Understanding of the interface between forest hydrological processes and ecosystem functioning critical to the advancement of natural resource & watershed management
Department of Mathematics
Dr. James Brawner Angle optimization, movie screen, integer solutions
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Dr. Dragos Amarie Developing novel tools to facilitate new experimental investigations to better understand migration and chemotaxis in cells, and ovarian carcinoma cells
Dr. Hau-Jian “Jason” Liu Designing software and instrumentation to understand the power of manipulating atomic defects in diamond

Waters College of Health Professions
School of Nursing
Dr. Marian Tabi Compassionate teaching, Chronic disease management, spirituality and self-care management among people of faith.

College of Education
Elementary & Special Education
Dr. Karin Fisher Recruitment and retention of students with disabilities participation in extracurricular STEM activities.

Last updated: 11/8/2019

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