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Current Scholars

The Georgia Southern McNair Scholars Program is a select, competitive honors program seeking top scholars who demonstrate sound academic performance, strong potential for graduate school achievement, and a desire to pursue a career in which a doctorate is required. Within our McNair Program, students enrolled in the program who have yet to complete the McNair Summer Research Experience (MSRE) are referred to as New Scholars and after completing the MSRE our students are referred to as Continuing Scholars.

New Scholars

During the first year in the McNair Scholars program, New Scholars work with our staff to find a Georgia Southern faculty mentor and design a research project for the MSRE. New Scholars also attend monthly meetings where they learn about conducting research, how best to prepare for graduate school, & and how to get the most out of their mentoring relationship.

Continuing Scholars

During the second year in the McNair Scholars program, Continuing Scholars take the GRE, attend research conferences, go on campus-visits to graduate programs they are considering applying to. Continuing Scholars also attend monthly meetings where they learn how to improve their graduate school applications, what it takes to thrive in grad school, and how to network at conferences.

Last updated: 10/22/2022