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Water Sustainability

Module Summary
Students will complete four different water sustainability activities.  The first activity will teach students the various properties of water.  The following activity will simulate the water cycle process and allow the students to observe the simulation over the period of a week.  The third activity requires the students to work with water quality test kits to test the quality of water from various environments.  The final activity reveals how the choices of humans impact the world’s water systems.

Grade Levels

Module Materials (view or download)
Properties of Water
Water Cycle Simulation
Water Quality Testing
Human Impacts: Down the River

Module Activity Overview Estimated Class Time
Properties of Water 1 (45 min) class
Water Cycle Simulation 1 (45 min) class
Water Quality Testing 1 (45 min) class
River of Shame 1 (45 min) class




Last updated: 3/10/2015