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The Island of Conservation

Activity Summary
In this paper-based activity students are tasked with determining which land to protect on Conservation Island to ensure the survival of three endangered species.  Student must consider the habitat, diet, current range and threats to each endangered species, but they must also consider the needs of the humans on their island.  Students will determine which area(s) to protect and must answer a series of questions regarding their decisions. Students will also learn about current government policies including the Endangered Species Act and The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) that are in place to protect threatened and endangered species.

Grade Levels

Learning Objectives
1. Define conservation in terms of biodiversity
2. Explain the importance of protecting endangered species
3. Describe challenges faced by land managers by creating their own management area on the island

Lesson Materials (view or download)
Lesson Plans

biodiversity, endangered species, conserving, land management

Last updated: 5/22/2015