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Reading a Scientific Paper – Brain Eating Amoeba Article

Activity Summary
This activity will introduce students to the kingdom protista. The kingdom protista is one of the most diverse kingdoms and can be difficult for students to understand. Organisms are often grouped into this kingdom simply because they don’t fit into any other one. The goal of this activity is show how protists affect students’ daily lives. This activity will also emphasize the diversity of the protista kingdom. Students will read an article about a brain eating amoeba, (Naegleria fowler), that has killed a handful of people in the USA. Students will then answer worksheet questions and engage in a classroom discussion about diseases caused by protists.

Grade Levels

Learning Objectives
1. Read a scientific article
2. Synthesize reading by answering worksheet questions
3. Engage in classroom discussion about disease causing protists

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Lesson Plans

protist, species diversity, encephalitis, amoeba

Last updated: 3/10/2015