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Human Impacts on Ecological Systems

Module Summary
Students participate in a variety of activities to understand the impacts we have as humans on the environment around us. In the first activities, students learn about how unsustainable practices can adversely affect wildlife populations. Students discover that even renewable resources like lobsters can become nonrenewable if we are not responsible.

Grade Levels

Module Materials (view or download)
Bioremediation with Oil
Oil Spill Clean-up
Bird Migration
Human Impacts – Down the River
Non-Renewable Resources
BINGO! Renewable Resources

Module Activity Overview Estimated Class Time
Bioremediation with Oil 5 (15 min) classes
Oil Spill Clean-up 1 (90 min) class
Bird Migration 11 (45 min) class
Human Impacts – Down the River 1 (90 min) class
Non-Renewable Resources 1 (20 min) class
BINGO! Renewable Resources 1 (60 min) class


Last updated: 3/9/2015