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Genetics in Development

Module Summary
All organisms depend on genetics in order to develop and although students learn about genetics, there is often disconnect in how they are applied to every level of an organism. This module provides lesson plans that will teach and help students understand the roles of genetics at the cellular, tissue, and organism levels. There also supporting lesson plans that help students understand basic cellular structure and the cell cycle. As technological advances allow for an increasing knowledge of genetics, it will be important for students to understand how genetics affect the development of organisms as well as their roles in mutations and diseases.

Grade Levels

Module Materials (view or download)
Cell City
Oreo Mitosis
Stop the Bleeding!
DNA Barcoding
Zebrafish Development

Module Activity Overview Estimated Class Time
Cell City 1 (50 min) class
Oreo Mitosis 1 (50 min) class
Stop the Bleeding! 1 (50 min) class
DNA Barcoding 1 (50 min) class
Zebrafish Development 1 (50 min) class




Last updated: 5/21/2015