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Forensics: From Candy DNA to Solving Crimes

Module Summary
Students begin using candy DNA models to learn about DNA structure and function. They will continue with an activity that gives them practice with basic molecular techniques such as micropipetting and agarose gel electrophoresis. Then students will be presented with a scenario in which they must use restriction enzymes to solve a crime. Finally, they will need to use
agarose gel electrophoresis to compare the DNA fingerprints of various suspects to find out who dunnit.

Grade Levels

Module Materials (view or download)
Micropipetting Practice
DNA Candy Model
Virtual Lab: DNA Isolation
DNA Extraction: Split Peas
Who Ate the Cheese?
Gel Electrophoresis – Who Stole the Lap Top?

Module Activity Overview Estimated Class Time
Micropipetting Practice 1 (45 min) class
DNA Candy Model 1 (90 min) class
Virtual Lab: DNA Isolation 1 (45 min) class
DNA Extraction: Split Peas 1 (45 min) class
Who Ate the Cheese?  1 (45 min) class
Gel Electrophoresis – Who Stole the Lap Top?  2 (90 min) classes


Last updated: 3/10/2015