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Exploring Evolution

Module Summary
Evolution is one of the most important concepts in biology. However, students often learn this important theory in passive ways such as through textbooks and lectures. Consequently, students might be misinformed about what constitutes evolution. This is unfortunate since evolution is always occurring and is observable. For instance, many students might think that speciation is the only example of evolution but fail to grasp that antibiotic resistance in bacteria is evolution occurring on a timescale that humans can observe. In this lesson, students will explore evolution through a number of different hands-on activities to understand how it operates at both the micro and macro levels.

Grade Levels

Module Materials (view or download)
Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Model
Natural Selection – Battle of the Beaks
Bacterial Diversity and Evolution
Bioinformatics and Phylogenetics

Module Activity Overview Estimated Class Time
Marine Community DDT 1 (90 min) class
Classroom Microbes 1 (90 min) class
Microbial Mix-Up 1 (90 min) class
Cladograms 1 (90 min) class




Last updated: 6/19/2015