Crayfish Plaque

Activity Summary
In recent years, a fungal disease has been introduced to Europe and Asia as a result of the aquaculture trade in crayfish. This disease is carried by North American crayfish species sold overseas for culinary and aquarium trade. The introduction of this disease has wiped out 95% of the native crayfish in Europe. In this activity students will use molecular techniques to test for
the presence or absence of the crayfish plague from DNA samples of one species of crayfish collected from various parts of the world.

Grade Levels

Learning Objectives
1. Use gel electrophoresis and pipettes
2. Identify the presence or absence of specific bands of DNA through critically analyzing an agarose gel
3. Describe the consequences of introducing invasive species
4. Describe the effects of invasive species on native species

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Lesson Plans

invasive, species, genetics

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