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Change Over Time: From Fossil to Monsters

Module Summary
This module focuses on the processes of evolution.  The first activity is a fossil find.  During this activity, the students become familiar with the process of investigation and discovery, and how it relates to the evolutionary theory.  The second activity simulates Charles Darwins’ investigation on the finches of the Galapagos Islands and gives insight to some mechanisms behind evolution.  The next activity on the bottleneck effect further develops the students’ understanding of the genetic contribution to the change of species over time.  The last activity combines all possible mechanisms of evolution into a challenge of the survival of the fittest monster (student).


Grade Levels

Module Materials (view or download)
Fossil Find
Battle of the Beaks
Bottleneck Effect
Monster Fitness

Module Activity Overview Estimated Class Time
Fossil Find 1 (45 min) class
Battle of the Beaks 1 (45 min) class
Bottleneck Effect 1 (45 min) class
Monster Fitness 1 (45 min) class




Last updated: 3/10/2015