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Program Learning Outcomes, MS Mathematics


The mission of the Master of Science degree in the Department of Mathematical Sciences is to provide graduate students with a strong foundation that leads to success in subsequent careers and educational programs. When graduate students leave our program, they will be prepared for careers (in industry or academia) or for further graduate studies. This is accomplished by having our students demonstrate deep knowledge in core classes, read, analyze and write proofs, communicate mathematical ideas written and verbally, as evidenced by the successful defense of a thesis, and conduct independent and collaborative research.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences supports the University mission of academic distinction in teaching, scholarship and service by providing a superior educational opportunity for students by promoting all aspects of teaching, learning, and researching mathematics.


Upon completion of the MS in Mathematics program, majors will be able to:

PLO1. Solve problems in the advanced areas of (a) numerical analysis, (b) linear algebra, (c) real analysis, and (d) statistics.

PLO2. Read, analyze, and write logical arguments to prove mathematical concepts.

PLO3. Communicate mathematical ideas with clarity and coherence, both written and verbally.

PLO4. Perform research in conjunction with others as well as individually.

Last updated: 7/28/2014