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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The following faculty are looking for undergraduate students to advise:

Reasoning and proof, geometry for teachers, dynamic geometry environments, preservice teachers’ mathematics content knowledge, hybrid teaching and learning modalities, inclusion and diversity.
Research Advisor: An, Tuyin, Ph.D.

Disease models; background: DE and Analysis I
Research Advisor: Braselton, James, M.S.

algebraic geometry, mathematics of voting, and recreational mathematics.
Research Advisor: Brawner, Jim, Ph.D.

Algebraic combinatorics, recreational mathematics, sports analytics
Research Advisor: Brown, Tricia, Ph.D.

Call-center schedule creation as a stochastic optimization problem; Treat a continuous-time decision process as a discrete-time process by choosing the interval between decision-making times.
Research Advisor: Carden, Stephen, Ph.D.

Numerical methods for solving integral equations Nonparametric statistics (in particular bootstrapping and exact test) Statistical design and analysis of experiments Statistical quality control; mathematics/statistics education
Research Advisor: Champ, Charles, Ph.D.

Number Theory and Elliptic curves
Research Advisor: Chang, Sungkon, Ph.D.

Mathematical modeling in life sciences; Computational mathematics, and applied analysis
Research Advisor: Chen, Zhan, Ph.D.

Probability and encoding problems; enumerating interesting subsets of permutations
Research Advisor: Gray, Daniel, Ph.D.

Differential Galois Theory
Research Advisor: Hessinger, Sabrina, Ph.D.

Harmonic analysis and applications in differential equations
Research Advisor: Hu, Yi, Ph.D.

arithmetic geometry with a focus on finding rational points on hyperelliptic curves
Research Advisor: Huynh, Duc, Ph.D.

Data Science; image compression, image recognition; model reduction; graph searching; flow network;
Research Advisor: Iacob, Emil, Ph.D. Computer Science

Conic optimization, semidefinite optimization Next tabular data protection in statistical databases
Research Advisor: Lesaja, Goran, Ph.D.

Riemann – Roch theorem of algebraic curves, geometric  combinatorics, heat equations on differential manifolds
Research Advisor: Lin, Yi, Ph.D.

Model theory, computability theory, set theory
Research Advisor: Michalski, Greg, Ph.D.

Commutative algebra, homological algebra; algebraic aspects of number theory; basics in algebraic topology.
Research Advisor: Nasseh, Saeed, Ph.D.

Teaching and learning of mathematics of pre-service teachers (primarily K-8 level) and undergraduate students; professional development, motivation to learn mathematics
Research Advisor: Nguyen, Ha, Ph.D.

Some knowledge on PDEs, Finite Elements and numerical methods
Research Advisor: Piltner, Reinhard, Ph.D.

Integer partitions, integer compositions​
Research Advisor: Sills, Andrew, Ph.D.

The representation theory of the symmetric group on n elements acting on a vector space over a field of positive characteristic Explicit calculations of the representations of the algebraic group of type G_2 over a field of positive characteristic.
Research Advisor: Sobaje, Paul, Ph.D.

Modeling in Discrete Dynamical Systems
Research Advisor: Stokolos, Alex, Ph.D.

Combinatorics and Graph Theory; Number Theory, Math Modeling and Applications in Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science
Research Advisor: Wang, Hua, Ph.D.

Math modeling, control systems (design and analysis); Digital filters design/analysis
Research Advisor: Wu, Yan, Ph.D.

Partial Differential Equations and applications in Biology, physics and fluid mechanics
Research Advisor: Zhao, Chunshan, Ph.D.

Numerical and Analytical Construction of Ground and Excited States for BEC; Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations with Poisson-Pressure Method
Research Advisor: Zheng, Shijun, Ph.D.

Computed tomography, image processing
Research Advisor: Zhu, Jiehua, Ph.D.

Dynamical systems of ODEs Reaction diffusion equations, pattern formation (PDEs)
Research Advisor: Zou, Yuting, Ph.D.

Coordinators: Dr. Duc Huynh (Armstrong Campus) Dr. Yan Wu (Statesboro Campus)

Last updated: 1/12/2022