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Graduate Thesis Style


Georgia Southern University  Mathematics LaTeX Thesis Style File

Formatting your Master’s thesis using LaTeX is pre-set in the style file gsuthesisETD.sty. To get started, download the following files. The file thesis.tex is your main thesis file. This loads the style file, and calls all chapter files. Compile thesis.tex using TeXcenter or some other LaTeX front end. General formatting requirements are listed below. Contact Dr. Scott Kersey if you have any questions on using these files.

Sample complied thesis: thesis.pdf

Style file: gsuthesisETD.sty (revised July 2013, see here for the most up to date template.)

TeX Files:

Figures: f1.epss4.epsscatt2.eps

Georgia Southern University Beamer Presentation Files

Presentations Slide Shows using LaTeX are commonly compiled using Beamer. To get started, download the following and modify as you like:

Georgia Southern University Mathematics Thesis Guides and General Formatting Requirements

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Georgia Southern University
Prepared by: Dr. S. Kersey

Department of Mathematical Sciences thesis style (based on the COG ETD guide)
Note that the formatting is automatically handled in the LaTeX thesis style file.

1. Guiding Principles: (revision to ETD guide) General principles that all theses and dissertations in the Department of Mathematical Sciences should adhere to include the following.

  • The thesis or dissertation must be the original work of the student.
  • Students must conform to the most recent Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines published by the the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Georgia Southern University.
  • The thesis or dissertation director is responsible for ensuring student adherence to these guidelines prior to approval of the thesis or dissertation.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that both departmental and College of Graduate Studies deadlines are met and that proper procedures are followed for the defense and submission of the thesis or dissertation.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the copyrights of documents used in the preparation of the thesis or dissertation are protected and adequately cited, and that all necessary permissions and/or copyright releases are obtained from copyright holders.

2. General Formatting

  • Paper size: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Margin’s: Top 1″, Left 1.5″, Right 1″, Bottom 1″ (only page numbers can appear outside margins)
  • Page numbering: Either top right or bottom center, as described in ETD.  No page numbers on abstract and title page.  Page numbers allowed on first page of each chapter.
  • Justification: Left and Right (this differs from ETD).
  • Spacing: As in ETD, Double-spaced except for footnotes, block quotations, captions to tables and figures, bibliography entries.
  • Fonts: As in ETD, Times New Roman or some common font at 11 or 12 point throughout the thesis.
  • Chapter and section headings: As in ETD, left or center.
  • Paragraphs: Indentation not more than 1/2 inch.  No extra space between paragraphs.
  • Tables and figures: see ETD

3. Organization:

  • Abstract: page i, not displayed, not numbered.  150 words max for a thesis, 350 for a dissertation.  Include “Keywords” (not “index words”).  Include AMS classification (optional).
  • Title page: page ii, not displayed.
  • Copyright page: Page iii.
  • Approval page: page iv
  • Dedication page: page v (optional)
  • Acknowledgement page: page v or vi (optional)
  • Table of Contents: page vi or vii..
  • List of tables: (optional)
  • List of figures: (optional)
  • Mathematical notation page: (optional)
  • Chapter and sections: page 1, 2, …
  • Bibliography: Choose a style from a journal in your field (submit a sample copy from the journal)
  • Appendix (optional)
  • Index (optional)

4. Journal articles as Chapters (revisition to ETD)

  • Previously or soon-to-be published papers should not be included in the thesis verbatim.  Content can be the same, but reformat for the thesis.

5. Electronic submission

  • Submit pdf file to the COG
  • Make print copies (optional)
  • Dissertation abstracts (only for doctoral)
  • Survey of earned doctorates (only for doctoral)

6. Sample Pages

  • See ETD guide, or DMS LaTeX page

Last updated: 11/28/2018