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Statistics Seminar

The Statistics Seminar,  organized by SCU members is held on Fridays at 2:30 PM on the Statesboro Campus, Building Math/Physics, Room 3314, and also in Zoom. 

February 24Ms. Ivy Collins (Graduate student) & Dr. Divine Wanduku
(The inference in a stochastic process) 
March 3Dr. Kyle Bradford
(Ergodic Theory)
March 10Dr. Emil Iacob
(k-means clustering)
March 24Dr. Zheni Utic
(Statistical and machine learning)
March 31Drs. Charles & Drew
Process, Population, and Sample: The Researcher’s Interest
April 14Dr. Omid Ardakani
Information-theoretic measures and copulas
April 21Dr. Arpita Chatterjee
(Bayesian estimation methods- MCMC Metropolis Hastings or Gibbs sampler  techniques)
(Postponed to Fall 2023)

Last updated: 4/28/2023