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Statistical Consulting Unit

The Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU) founded in 2005 celebrates 17 years of outstanding service at Georgia Southern University.


To promote the growth of quality interdisciplinary collaborative research between the Department of Mathematical Sciences and other departments and colleges in Georgia Southern University, by providing outstanding statistical analysis and software support to faculty and students pursuing quantitative research projects;

To promote the department’s strategic plan for community engagements, by providing professional data science service to the communities in Statesboro and Savannah; and in or out of the state of Georgia;

To provide practical educational and professional experience to students concentrating in statistics through training as statistical consultants.

About The SCU

The Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU), founded in the 2005 under the direction of Dr. Broderick Oluyede (retired), has achieved a significant record of outstanding service to faculty, staff and students of Georgia Southern University, by providing support with statistical analysis and software applications. The SCU has also assisted several professionals and researchers in the surrounding areas of Statesboro and Savannah in Georgia and internationally with their quantitative analysis needs. The SCU has served as Co-PI on research grants, and has provided opportunity to both faculty and students in the department of Mathematical Sciences, for collaborative research with other departments and colleges, which has led to numerous scholarly papers and MS. thesis projects.

The SCU consists of a Director and eleven faculty members of the Statistics Group, from the Statesboro and Armstrong campuses; several associated faculty members from the Applied & Computational Mathematics groups; and associated members from the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Environmental Health.

The SCU is a unit in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

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Last updated: 4/28/2023