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David R. Stone Distinguished Lectures & CLEC Lectures

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About the Lectures

Since 2005, the Mathematics Department holds an annual Distinguished Lecture which is now generously sponsored by a gift of Professor David R. Stone, a pilar of Georgia Southern Mathematics’ department for 49 years.
The lecture is a cornerstone in Georgia Southern’s mission of diffusion of knowledge in South East Georgia.
It enables those with an interest in the subject to see the best mathematicians share the pleasures and beauty of mathematics.
The format of the lecture lets a distinguished mathematician addresses an audience of undergraduates and non experts to show the wide scope of the subject.

Besides the Distinguished Lecture, the department also holds regular CLEC lectures to highlight the interaction of mathematics with other fields.
The public lectures are followed by a more specialized colloquium aimed at mathematicians from the area.
Past lecturers include world renown scholars in mathematics and tangential domains.

David R. Stone

The Stone Distinguished Lecture Series is endowed in honor of Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, David R. Stone, Ph.D., who taught at Georgia Southern University for 49 years.

Stone’s passion focused on inspiring students to study mathematics. He developed and taught the mathematics course in the Bell Honors Program curriculum, and later taught courses and directed honors thesis projects in the University Honors Program. He was also instrumental in starting the student chapter of the Mathematical Association of America on campus and advised the Math Jeopardy Team for many years.

Stone was a tireless worker within the mathematics education community, working with local schools,coaching math teams for tournaments and serving as state director of the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education.

Over the years, Stone was recognized for his many contributions to the profession. He received numerous awards including the 1993 Gladys M. Thomason Award for Distinguished Service and the 2005 John Neff Award from the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics. He also received the Mathematical Association of America’s Southeastern Section Awards for Distinguished Service in 1998 and Distinguished Teaching in 2005, as well as the Certificate of Meritorious Service in 2009.

On campus, he received the Georgia Southern Award for Excellence in Contributions to Instruction in 1988 and the Award for Excellence in Service on 2000, one of only a select few faculty members to receive both awards.

Stone’s 49 years of teaching and service to Georgia Southern and his service to the profession have been recognized by creating the David R. Stone Senior Mathematics Major Award, which is presented each year to outstanding graduating seniors in the department, and also through an endowment by Stone and his wife, Ann Stone.

Past Distinguished Lecturers

Year Lecturer University Title
2019 (Fall) David Mumford Brown Are AI scientists about to build
fully human robots?
2018 (Spring) Vaughn F.R. Jones Vanderbilt and Berkeley What is it about the Plane?
2017 (Spring) Doron Zeilberger Rutgers What is Mathematics and what should it be?
2015 (Fall) Jerry Bona UIC Mathematics and the ocean
2014 (Fall) Sergein Tabachnikov Penn State & ICERM Brown Proofs not from the book
2014 (Spring) Peter J Olver University of Minnesota Digital imagery: object recognition and symmetry detection
2013 (Fall) Richard Stanley MIT Plane Tilings
2012 (Spring) Ken Ono Emory University Adding and Counting
2011 (Spring) Thomas Banchoff Brown Seeing Things in Four-space
2010 (Spring) Frank Morgan Williams College The Double Bubble Theorem
2009 (Spring) Christopher Sogge John Hopkins Blowup Rates for Eigenfunctions and Quasimodes
2008 (Spring) George Andrews Penn State Euler and the Beginning of the Theory of Partitions
2007 (Spring) Gilbert Strang MIT Teaching and Learning Computational Science and Engineering
2006 (Spring) Gene Golub Stanford University Numerical Methods for Rapid Computation of Page Rank
2005 (Spring) Carl de Boor University of Wisconsin

Past CLEC Lecturers

Year Lecturer University Title
2018 (Fall) Kevin Knudson University of Florida The Mathematics of Gerrymandering
2016 (Fall) Igor Belykh Georgia State Our brains from a complex network perspective
2016 (Spring) Randy Kamien University of Pennsylvania The mathematics of paper
2015 (Spring) Dmitri Tymoczko Princeton The geometry of music
2012 (Spring) Nina Fefferman Rutgers Math, Complexity, and Social Groups: Using math to understand the nature of
2005 (Spring) Ralph Kopperman City College of New-York Not all points are created equal

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