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Careers in Mathematics

CareerCast ranked Mathematician the best job to have in 2014. They factored in salary, growth potential, stress level, work environment, and work-home life balance to determine that “Math is experiencing something of a renaissance period.” Here are some career choices you have as a mathematician:

  • Statistics and Data Analysis: Spot trends to improve the performance of nearly any company’s services and products.
  • Academia: Pursue a master’s or PhD to pass on your knowledge while continuing research throughout your entire career.
  • Computer Science: Study information and technology to implement computer systems.
  • Operations Research: Use mathematical methods to determine the best ways to fix problems, minimize costs, and maximize profits.
  • Finance: Help individuals and organizations plan and use their resources optimally while considering all risks.
  • Biomathematics: Use math to model biological processes that can be applied to the healthcare field.

As you consider math jobs and your future, talk to your adviser and mentors. They can help you determine your interests, decide whether or not you should continue your education, and connect with industry professionals for internships and entry-level positions.

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Last updated: 8/29/2020