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Faculty Research

Faculty Research Areas

Algebra/Number Theory/Combinatorics
  • Alina Iacob – Algebra
  • Colton Magnant – Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Discrete Math and Applications
  • Greg Michalski –  Mathematical Logic, Computibility
  • Saeed Nasseh – Commutative Algebra and Homological Algebra
  • Andrew Sills – Number theory, combinatorics, classical analysis, symbolic computation, mathematics of Ramanujan
  • David Stone – Number Theory, Rings and Modules
  • Hua Wang – Combinatorics and Graph theory, Number Theory, Math Modeling and Applications

Analysis/Numerical Analysis
  • Yingkang Hu – Approximation Theory, Numerical Analysis, Spline Functions
  • Scott Kersey – Numerical Approximation, Variational Spline Theory, CAGD
  • Goran Lesaja – Operations Research
  • Xiezhang Li – Numerical Analysis, Matrix Theory

Applied Mathematics/Differential Equations
  • Martha Abell – Mathematical Biology
  • Jim Braselton – Mathematical Biology
  • Zhan Chen – Mathematical Biology, Scientific Computing, Applied Analysis
  • Zhuojun Magnant – Optimal Experimental Design, Inverse problems, Image Processing, Optimization, Numerical Analysis
  • Reinhard Piltner – Numerical Methods for the Solution of PDE’s for Biomedical Problems
  • Alex Stokolos – Approximation Theory, Classical and Computational Harmonic Analysis, PDE
  • Mihai Tohaneanu – PDEs, General Relativity, Microlocal Analysis
  • Yan Wu – Adaptive Control Theory and Applied Signal Processing
  • Chunshan Zhao – Analysis, Partial Differential Equations and their Applications
  • Shijun Zheng – Harmonic analysis and PDE, Schrödinger operators, Mathematical modeling
  • Jiehua Zhu – Computed Tomography, Biomedical Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

  • Enka Lakuriqi – Mirror symmetry and mathematical physics
  • Yi Lin – symplectic geometry, generalized complex geometry, and mathematical physics
  • Sze-man Ngai – Fractal Geometry
  • Jianqiang Zhao – Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Number Theory, motivic cohomology, multiple polylogs, multiple zeta values and multiple harmonic sums
  • Francois Ziegler – Symplectic Geometry, Mathematical Physics

Math Education
  • Debbie Bell
  • Joy Darley
  • Susie Lanier – K-12 Mathematics Education and Technology, Problem Solving
  • Marshall Ransom – High School Advanced Placement Calculus curriculum; AP teacher and student support
  • Sharon Taylor
  • Lisa Yocco – Technology

  • Stephen Carden – Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Markov Decision Processes and Non-parametric regression
  • Charles Champ – Statistical Quality Control, Statistical Design of Experiments
  • Arpita Chatterjee – Meta analysis, Cure rate models, Reliability, Clinical trials, Ranked set sampling
  • Pat Humphrey – Stochastic Processes, Martingales, Sampling and Survey Design
  • Anna Oganyan – Statistical Disclosure Limitation, Data mining, Mixture models
  • Broderick Oluyede – Order Restricted Inference, Categorical Data Analysis
  • Tharanga Wickramarachchi – Time Series Analysis, Change Point Detection, Asymptotic Theory

Last updated: 5/28/2015