Putnam Competition

Putnam2007_1Students in our Department participated on the 68th William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition held December 1, 2007. Putnam Mathematical Competition is prestigious mathematical competition for undergraduates that has been organized for almost seventy years under the sponsorship of Mathematical Association of America. Students compete individually and individual scores of three selected students are counted as a team score. Problems on the competition are very challenging and mostly proof oriented, thus, scoring even some points is a success. This year was no different.

Coordinator: Dr. Goran Lesaja


  • James Bland
  • Kahee Bowman
  • Jason Brandies
  • Mark Hanna
  • Michael Hammock
  • Richard Trimm

The results exceeded the expectations; three (in previous years we had one or none) of our students scored some points on this very difficult competition where often the average score is 0. They all received 2 points. Their names are Mark Hanna, Richard Trimm and Kahee Bowman. Congratulations on their success.

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