Faculty & Staff


Danny - full view
Dr. Daniel Gleason, Director and Professor

Dr. Gleason is the Director of ICPS and Professor of Biology at Georgia Southern University.  He received his BS degree in Biology from Furman University, and his MS and PhD from the University of Houston.  His temperate work has been conducted in and around Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary and is directed toward gaining a better understanding of the ecology of the sessile invertebrate fauna (e.g./ corals, sponges, sea squirts) that dominate the hard-bottom reefs. You can visit his research lab website at


 Lorenza Beati, PhD, MD
Lorenza Beati, Professor & Curator for the US National Tick Collection

Dr. Beati’s main interests include evolution, phylogeny, phylogeography and population genetics of ticks and other arthropod vectors.  She studies tick diversity based on both morphological and molecular aspects.  You can visit her website at

 Dmitry Apanaskevich
Dmitry Apanaskevich, Associate Professor & Assistant Curator for the US National Tick Collection

Dr. Apanaskevich received his PhD from the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences in Parasitology/Tick Taxonomy.  His major research interests include taxonomy ofixodid ticks, phylogeny of ixodid ticks, and host-parasite relationships of ixodid ticks.  Other areas of interests/activities are maintaining the US National Tick Collection (USNTC), re-identification of tick specimens already presented in the USNTC with special emphasis to most taxonomically difficult groups of ticks, and identification of newly received tick collections.  You can visit his website at

Eli O'Cain
Eli O’Cain, Research Assistant

Eli received his MS degree in Biology at Georgia Southern University. While obtaining his degree, Eli researched coral recruitment along the Florida Keys reef tract. He also developed a method for identifying young corals using molecular techniques. Currently, Eli is continuing his work with Florida coral recruitment as well as testing and expanding his coral identification method. His areas of interest include: marine ecology, invertebrate ecology, and coral ecology.

Melissa Gast-Goodman, Administrative Coordinator

Melissa received both her Bachelor’s and her Master’s degrees from Georgia Southern University. She has been employed at Georgia Southern for nearly ten years. As the Academic Coordinator for the ICPS, she is responsible for the daily operations within the institute’s main office, as well as event planning and special projects.


Last updated: 5/6/2019