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Entomology (Insect) Collection

The collection is strongly regional (mainly GA Coastal Plain) but also includes specimens from some other states (mainly, FL, NC and SC) as well as a few non-U.S. specimens. It is especially strong in Diptera and Lepidoptera. Right now the collection consists of 228 standard Cornell-type drawers in 12 cabinets and 60 non-standard drawers in 2 cabinets crammed with a total of ~500,000 pinned specimens. There are also ~20,000 separate vials of alcohol-stored specimens. The specimens have traditionally been used mostly for teaching in the Biology Dept. (as well as in the Wildlife Center and the Georgia Southern University Museum) but with a small research component. However, the research component of the collection has been steadily increasing and the collection now includes many voucher specimens from various research studies.

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Georgia Southern University
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Last updated: 5/7/2021