Program Learning Outcomes, BS with major in Geology & BA with major in Geology

The Geology Program at Georgia Southern University supports the University Mission of bridging theory with practice by providing students with an understanding of the variety and complexity of the Earth’s geologic and environmental systems and their interactions. The Program’s purpose is to provide specialized undergraduate curricula leading to BS and BA degrees. Coursework, laboratory experimentation, and research-based field work is expected of all students in the Program. College and University standards are followed to ensure a student-centered learning experience. The BS degree is designed to train those students who will pursue advanced studies or careers in field-based geology by developing critical thinking through a capstone thesis project. The BA degree is designed to train those students who desire a career in economic geology, government positions, and professional consulting. The Geology Program embraces the University’s mission to develop a fertile learning environment exemplified by a free exchange of ideas, high academic expectations, and individual responsibility for academic achievement and enable a culture of engagement that bridges theory with practice, extends the learning environment beyond the classroom, and promotes student growth and life success.


Upon completion of the BS with major in Geology and BA with major in Geology programs, majors will be able to:

PLO1. Identify common Earth materials and interpret their composition, origin, and uses.

PLO2. Describe the processes operating at and beneath the Earth’s surface, how those processes create the Earth’s landscape and how humans affect and are affected by the processes.

PLO3. Outline the broad physical and biological history of the planet and the evidence for that history.

PLO4. Identify and classify common rock types based mineralogy and textures, then integrate this prior knowledge in order to associate the rocks with specific rock-forming processes.

PLO5. Outline the regional geology of the Southeastern United States and North America.

PLO6. Apply physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and fundamental geologic principles to the identification of minerals and interpretation of their environment of origin.

PLO7. Critically evaluate fundamental Earth science literature and spatial data (e.g., photographs, maps, remotely sensed images).

PLO8. Present geological information clearly in written and oral form.

PLO9 (BS only). Formulate a program and proposal of independent research under faculty direction.


Last updated: 10/8/2013

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