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Gina Brianne Smith

Brianne Smith, M.S.
Limited Term Assistant Professor
Office: Herty 2100B
Phone: 912-478-5775

Academic Background

M.S., University of Tennessee, 2014

  • Major: Geology, emphasis in metamorphic petrology and tectonics
  • Thesis: Metamorphic evolution of eastern Blue Ridge calc-silicates in southwestern North Carolina, northeastern Georgia, and northwestern South Carolina

B.S., University of West Georgia, 2011

  • Major: Geology


The research I conducted as an undergraduate involved studying how metamorphic minerals, specifically garnet, grew under differing environmental conditions.  My graduate thesis research was an analysis of how one specific rock type is affected by multiple metamorphic processes, and how that contributes to the tectonic history of the southern Appalachian region.  I would classify myself as a metamorphic petrologist, though the terms geochemist, mineralogist, and structural geologist may also fit. I also have an extensive background in construction (paving, grading, and mining), which has caused a shift in my focus of research to water quality, erosion due to urbanization, and sustainability issues.  


I teach Environmental Geology lecture, lab, and online, Introduction to the Earth lecture and lab, Principles of Oceanography, General Oceanography Online, Teaching Internship in Geology, and the First Year Experience Seminar. I apply a variety of teaching techniques to each of my classes including traditional lectures, classroom and online discussions, real-world applications, flipped classrooms, and student response systems.

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