Xizhen Schenk, Ph.D.

Dr. Xizhen Schenk

Xizhen Schenk, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Geology, Florida State University, 2012

Lecturer in Geology

Office: Herty, 2100D

Phone: 912-478-0337


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I am a broadly trained geoscientist with specific research interests in using quantitative and geospatial analytical techniques to better understand hydrologic and geomorphologic processes. Some of my past projects involved quantifying and differentiating impacts of climate variation, instream modification, and anthropogenic land use change on river hydrological and geomorphologic processes in the Red River of the North basin; understanding the effects of sea level rise on Northwest Florida salt marshes using SLAMM models; assessing impacts of saltwater encroachment on the Upper Florida Aquifer in the Southern Water Use Caution Area in Southwest Florida using geostatistical models.  At present, I am interested in better understanding the impacts of climate change and associated hydrologic regime modification on sand dunes morphological stability in the southeastern United States.



My teaching experience involves both environmental geology and physical geography.  I have taught Environmental Geosystems, Environmental Geology, Introduction to GIS and Cartography, Intermediate GIS, and Spatial Analysis.  In my classes, I enhance student learning experiences by providing them opportunities to participate and solve real-world problems through discussion, group projects and field observations.


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