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Wei Tu

Dr. Wei Tu

Dr. Wei Tu

Wei Tu, Ph.D.
Professor of Geography and Geographic Information Science 
Office: Herty 2100E
Phone: (912) 478-5233
Personal Website

Academic Background

Ph.D., Texas A & M University 

  • Major: Geography

M.Sc., East China Normal University

  • Major: Geography

B.Sc., East China Normal University

  • Major: Geography


Dr. Tu’s research focuses on the applications of geospatial technologies on urban, environmental, and public health issues. His recent research projects investigate how and to what extent place and space effects influence health outcomes.


GIScience, Geocomputation, China, East and Southeast Asia.


  • GEOG 5091 Applied GIS
  • GEOG 5540 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 7631 Spatial Analysis


Qi, H., S. Xiao, R. Shi, M. Ward, Y. Chen, W. Tu, Q. Su, W. Wang, X.Wang and Z. Zhang. 2020.  COVID-19 transmission in Mainland China is associated with temperature and humidity: A time-series analysis. Science of The Total Environment 728 (1): 1-6.

Tu, W., Z.J. Lin, L.L. Du, H.D. Kan, and W.C. Ma. 2019. Ambient Air Pollution and Health Effects in Shanghai: Trend, Challenges and Opportunities. In Hand Book of Global Urban Health, ed. I. Vojnovic, A. L. Pearson, G. Asiki, G. DeVerteuil, and A. Allen, pp. 614-37. Routledge.

Zhu, L.*; S. Zhong, W. Tu., J. Zheng, S. He, J. Bao, and C. Huang. 2019. Assessing Spatial  Accessibility to Medical Resources at the Community Level in Shenzhen, China. International  Journal of Environment Research and Public Health 16 (2): 242-257. 

Tu, W. 2018. County Deprivation and Preterm Birth Risk between Whites and African  Americans in Georgia, USA. International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research 9(3):18-30

Ha, H. and W. Tu. 2018. An Ecological Study on the Spatially Varying Relationship between  Suicide Rates and Elevation in the United States. International Journal of Environmental  Research and Public Health 15 (671):1-16. 

Last updated: 10/13/2021