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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Collaborative


Along with Georgia Southern University, the College of Science and Mathematics (COSM) celebrates diversity in all its forms. All populations will feel valued and respected, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, or disability. In addition, the University will capitalize on distinctive, unique campus cultures while encouraging strong institutional unity. COSM aims for its people, communities, and disciplines to be diverse and inclusive to ensure vitality as an institution of higher education. We aim to meet the following objectives:

  • Recruit, retain, and graduate a diverse graduate and undergraduate student body. 
  • Recruit and retain a diverse faculty, staff, and administration that is committed to diversity and inclusive excellence.  
  • Support and develop community engagement and relationships focused on inclusion. 

DEI Collaborative Newsletter

Demographics and Data

COSM Scorecard: Faculty-Student Demographics, Fall 2019


Inclusive Teaching

Work with our University partners to create training for COSM students, staff and faculty to grow a culture of inclusive excellence in our classrooms, research labs, departments and offices; and provide access to evaluations tools that can be used to periodically assess COSM’s progress in this important effort.

Contact: Debanjana Ghosh

Inclusive Resources

Provide opportunities and a safe-space for COSM staff, faculty and students to address themes and issues of inclusion, and maintain an up-to-date list of Student Support Resources that address the needs of students.

Contact: Ryan Groom

Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

Work with members of the college to develop guidelines for the implementation of COSM policies and procedures that reflect, sustain and promote a culture of inclusive excellence throughout the college.

Contact: Sara Gremillion 

Institutional DEI Groups

Women in STEM Alliance

Specific Events and Topics Information

Contact Information

Sabrina Hessinger:

Tricia Brown:

Karelle Aiken:

Arpita Saha:


Co-Leaders: Karelle Aiken, Sabrina Hessinger, Brandon Quillian, Arpita Saha  

Administration: Brian Koehler, Issac Taylor

Staff: Amanda Klingel

Biology: Jennifer Brofft-Bailey, Brigette Brinton, Sue Ellen Dechenne-Peters, Geneva DeMars, Sara Gremillion, Johanne Lewis, Marylou Machingura, Justin Montemarano

Chemistry & Biochemistry: James Carter, Debanjana Ghosh, Ryan Groom, Shainaz Landge

Geology & Geography: Amy Potter, Rob Yarbrough, Kathlyn Smith 

Mathematics: Tuyin An, Kyle Bradford, Jim Brawner, Duc Van Huynh, Eryn Stehr, Stephanie Wiggins

Physics & Astronomy: Hua-Jian Jason Liu


Last updated: 12/15/2021