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COSM Committees

2021-2022 Awards

BiologyTiehang Wu
Biochemistry & Chemistry Cathy McGowan
Geology & Geography Kelly Vance
Mathematical SciencesSaeed Nasseh
Physics & Astronomy Jorge Villa-Vargas

2021-2022 COUR

BiologyJennifer Brofft-Bailey
Biochemistry & Chemistry Arpita Saha
Geology & Geography Amy Potter (Chair)
Mathematical SciencesYi Hu
Physics & Astronomy Mark Edwards

2021-2022 Curriculum

Chair/Associate Dean of CurriculumBrian Koehler
BiologyJay Hodgson
Biochemistry & ChemistryMitch Weiland
Geology & GeographyKaty Smith
Mathematical SciencesYi Hu
Physics & AstronomyAnastasia Rusina
COSM Advising (non-voting) Alvinette Brooks

2021-2022 Governance

Mathematical SciencesMichael Tiemeyer
Mathematical Sciences Marshall Ransom
Biology Geneva DeMars
Biology Risa Cohen
Biochemistry & Chemistry Jim LoBue
Biochemistry & Chemistry Cliff Padgett
Geology & Geography Katy Smith
Geology & Geography Christine Hladik
Physics & Astronomy Dragos Amarie
Physics & Astronomy Donna Mullenax

2021-2022 P&T

BiologyTraci Ness
Biochemistry & ChemistryMichele McGibony (Statesboro Advocate)
Geology & GeographyJim Reichard
Mathematical SciencesYan Wu
Physics & Astronomy Bill Baird

Last updated: 10/19/2021